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Novel Anti-inflammatory Drugs from Marine Microbes

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 3 ]


Sarvesh S. Rangnekar and Tabassum Khan   Pages 206 - 218 ( 13 )


The aim of this review paper is to summarize some marine natural sources (bacteria and fungi) known for their anti-inflammatory effects. We have collected data from MDPI, current contents, scientific research articles and journal publications. This review will give brief idea about the chemistry of novel marine compounds, mechanism of action, metabolites, biological sources of the compounds, synthesis of these marine natural products, as well as use of them in drug discovery and development. Different marine bacteria and fungi live in symbiosis with corals or sponges. Many actives have been isolated from these organisms. The quantity of actives obtained varies in different geographical and environmental conditions. These actives elucidate different mechanisms of action due to presence of different pharmacophore features in novel chemical templates. Efforts have been made to synthesize some structural analogs of isolated active anti-inflammatory compounds and SAR studies conducted. This review gives options for synthesis of new anti-inflammatory compounds thus expanding the chemical space in this category.


Actinobacteria, anti-inflammatory, lactones, marine microbes, sesquiterpenes.


Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Quality Assurance, SVKM’s Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India.

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