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Natural Monophenols as Therapeutics, Antioxidants and Toxins; Electron Transfer, Radicals and Oxidative Stress

[ Vol. 5 , Issue. 3 ]


Peter Kovacic, Ratnasamy Somanathan and Marie-Caline Z. Abadjian   Pages 142 - 151 ( 10 )


Natural monophenols exhibit various properties including antioxidant, therapeutic action and toxicity. This review is unique in application of a unifying mechanistic theme comprising electron transfer, reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress. Representative phenols are as follows: salicylic acid, guaiacol, eugenol, (S)-tyrosine, vanillin, capsaicin, 6-gingerol, carvacrol, thymol, tocopherol, 5-hydroxytryptamine, psilocin, sesamol, estradiol, cannabinoids, etoposide, morphine and heroin, cresols, and other related phenols, such as platensimycin and polyphenols (vancomycin and tetarimycin A). This approach to mode of action may assist in improved drug design.


Antioxidants, electron transfer, monophenols, radicals, therapy, toxicity.


Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, USA.

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