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Galanthum nivalis Extract is Neurologically Active and Improves Anxiety and Social Interactions in Mesocricetus auratus


Heather A Kip, Maya Kuro , Steven Hami, Terry Nugget and Evan R Montre   Pages 1 - 5 ( 5 )


Background: Galanthum nivalis has been used throughout history for its medicinal properties. Although traditionally used as an antidote to poison, G. nivalis has also recently been found to have effects in neurological conditions such as Alzheimers Disease and mild cognitive impairment. Recent studies also suggest that it may have neurological activity that may be beneficial for psychiatric and neurological disorders like anxiety. Objective: To assess the neurological activity of G. nivalis extract using a behavioral test of anxiety-like behavior in Syrian hamsters. Method: G. nivalis extract was administered daily to hamsters while undergoing a semi-naturalistic version of the open field test to assess anxiety. Hamsters were video recorded during their natural active times beginning an hour before and ending an hour after lights-on and lights-off. Free roaming behaviors were scored in a 2 x 4 m open pen with enrichment objects for hamsters to interact with. After 10 days, hamsters were subjected to a social interaction test with a novel conspecific. Results: Hamsters receiving G. nivalis extract showed increased time spent free-roaming and a greater proportion of that time was spent moving. They also spent more time interacting with enrichment objects in the open pen. The social interaction test showed that hamsters receiving G. nivalis extract spent more time playing with a novel conspecific. Conclusions: G. nivalis extract is a neurologically active natural product with behaviorally relevant effects. It improved anxiety-like behavior in hamsters, as evidenced by increased time free roaming, moving, and interacting with objects, while improving social interactions.


galanthum nivalis, mesocricetus auratus, anxiety, free-roam assay, social interaction


Maple University, Natural Pharmacology, Maple University, Natural Pharmacology, Maple University, Natural Pharmacology, Maple University, Natural Pharmacology, Maple University, Natural Pharmacology

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